Vital Information Regarding Screen Printing Columbia SC

Earlier silk was used as the screen, so the term “silk screen” came into focus. It is often referred as Serigraphy in the world of graphics. After that, polymer meshes were used. With the advancement in printing technology and equipments various manifestations has taken place in the world of printing, be it graphics, fabrics or any other things. Equipments for screen printing, firstly the screen needs to be chosen and then mounted firmly on a wooden or aluminum frame. Then the stencil is carved on the screen by blocking spaces to get the desired design. The quality of ink comes into next consideration depending upon what is to be printed and the substance on which the design is to be printed. The rubber blade squeegee is fixed firmly with a rigid handle to control the movement of the mesh. The machine base holds the substance and aids the screen to print on itI strongly suggest you to visit screen printing columbia sc to learn more about this.

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Application of screen printing-The substance on which the printing is to be done can be of varied nature like fabrics, silk, cotton, polyesters, t-shirts, posters, advertisements, CD covers, watch-dials, printed electronics, medical products, film technology, snow board graphics and lots to name, not to forget the marketing industry and the sports industry. And with the quality inks used the applications are widespread.

Technique-The fine mesh or the screen is fitted firmly on a frame and the stencil of the desired designed is carved out. The screen is placed on the top of the substrate or the desired fabric. With the fill bar the openings of the stencil are filled with the ink. Direct contact with the substrate and the screen is avoided. Then the screen is moved downwards with light force and the ink filling of the opening is done effectively. This movement is controlled by the squeegee and the ink filling is controlled by the capillary action. By the squeegee the screen is again moved up from the substrate leaving the desired ink marks designed on the substrate.

Flat-bed, cylinder and the Rotary are the three types of press used in screen printing, rotary being the most used press. The screen can be reused if the same design is to be applied. But for new designs the reclamation of the screen can be done. By removing the ink, emulsions and the stencil applying special stencil removers, which come in the form of powders, gels and liquids, the screen, can be reclaimed. Stenciling is generally done by applying photo emulsion technique quite popular for more than 50years. Varieties of printing inks are used to carry out different designs producing special effects according to the material used and the demand of the market. But the most commonly used ink is “Plastisol” which gives a more plasticized texture and the durability.

Improving Screen Print quality-The quality of ink can be modified by using soft hand clear product which adjusts the pigmentation of the ink and its creamy nature makes it easier to use improving the screen print quality. The curable reducer adjusts the adhesive quality giving a better print. Squeegee blades must be sharpened regularly and the angles and the pressure is to be adjusted for the exact consistency of the ink. The screen or the mesh must be tight for the even deposition of ink on the substrate. Uneven depositions of ink may damage the quality of print.