Best chiropractor in Greensboro – An analysis

Years prior to this writing, I lived in the great state of Georgia. While there I started what has become my career–writing for and building websites.

It was also then that I began having very intense migraine headaches. The pain was so terrible that I could not work during the pain and would literally turn off the lights in my office and lay my head on my desk. This pain would last for an hour to an hour and a half nearly everyday.

My boss knew of this daily occurrence and allowed me the break until my headache subsided.

After several months of having this daily hour of suffering and taking every pain pill I could find, I began to worry about my health. “It could be a tumor,” I thought.

So I consulted my medical doctor for testing. After testing he told me that I did not have a tumor and appeared to be in good health. “Many times,” he said, “headaches are caused by misaligned vertebrae in your neck. The misalignment could cause pressure on the nerves and produces your head pain.”

He handed me the business card of a chiropractor and said I should schedule an evaluation.

I did schedule an evaluation and the chiropractor told me that he could indeed help my headaches. He estimated it would take two weeks of adjustments for my neck muscles to strengthen enough to hold the vertebrae in line.

I was skeptical. After all, I’d had these headaches nearly every day for several months. How could this take it away in two weeks?You may want to check out for more.

He was incorrect in telling me he could take my pain away in two weeks. It was one week. And I didn’t have another headache for seven months! When that headache happened I went back to my chiropractor and to this day I don’t suffer with that torturous pain.

I have also witnessed chiropractors remove ear infections in my children, literally in a matter of hours. I’ve seen family members live normal lives who were told they needed back surgery. The list goes on and on.

I especially remember seeing X-Rays of my back after a car wreck in which I was involved. My lower back was severely curved to the left and the pain I was in was nothing short of intense. After a half an hour of using an ice pack to calm the trauma, my chiropractor adjusted my back. A follow-up X-Ray showed a straight spine and I was walking normally the next day instead of being in bed and drugged up on pain killers as I would have otherwise.